[HELP] New vivmove Luxe unable to pair with Garmin Connect app, and not showing up in phone's bluetooth list.

Just got my vivomove Luxe today.

However when I set it in Pairing mode, Garmin Connect app doesn't pick it up after a long time of "Searching".

Also, it's not showing up in my phone's bluetooth list. I tried both iPhone 11 Pro (iOS 13.2) and Android (Vivo).

When I connect the watch directly to my Mac, it shows up in Garmin Express desktop client, and I could upgrade the firmware from 2.40 to 2.60. After upgrading, still the same problem.

I've tried restarting the watch and the phone. No luck.

Also it's also not showing up in my computer's Bluetooth list (you would expect at least an unknown device showing up there when it's in pairing mode).

Does it mean the watch is defective?

Anyone experiencing the same? Any ideas what I can do? Thanks.