Resetting during a workout

Three days in a row, I would be in the middle of a workout, sweating, crushing the next mile, and my Vivofit 4 would beep that I hit my goal, I would click the button to clear the screen to see the total elapsed time, and the device would restart, (blue Garmin triangle would appear), and it would return to the home screen with no workout currently being recorded. 

Day one it happened, I was upset - just crushed a 6 mile run on a route that I normally do with nothing to prove to it. 

Day two, went on a hike, have no idea how far because it restarted when I clicked the button. 

Day three, it happened mid way through my run (new course), and I flat out STOPPED my workout and walked home I was so upset.

Has this happened to anyone? Do i need to change the battery, i've had it about a year.

  • Yes, it is happening to mine as well. Yesterday I left the gym with 13k in steps, when I got home I only had 9k. It stopped tracking sleep as well. I got the Viofit4 in June to replace my Viofit2.  I have given up and ordered a Viofit3.

  • It's happened to me once about 2 weeks ago with my VA3 toward the end of a 4 mile run. It threatened my 430 day streak of reaching my daily step goal. I ended up doing a 4 mile walk in the afternoon to compensate for the loss. Fortunately for me, it's only happened one time. For the 5 years prior to that, it only happened to me once on a VA1. That time, I only lost less than 300 steps as it was early in the morning.