My 2nd Vivofit 4 has just failed due to moisture ingress.

My first Vivofit 4 was gifted to me last October but by the time December arrived I discovered one day it had died. I naturally assumed battery, although in reality I was hoping for more than 8 weeks based on the 6-12 months advertised. I carefully removed the 4 screws and discovered moisture inside and rust colouring around one of the batteries. I returned the Vivofit 4 to the store where it was purchased and received a replacement without issue.

The life of the Vivofit meant it never left my wrist so it had to endure showering, running and cycling. I assumed the advertised swimming capability would cover the showering so when I put on my second Vivofit I always made a point of removing it for showers. Yes, I realise that seems counterintuitive to its intended capability but it only takes a moment to take it off.

Today, my second one has failed. The button would not cycle through the screens. I tried the 15 second reset but this wouldn't rectify the problem so I removed the 4 screws and as you can see from the attached photo moisture has killed it again. In this instance it can now only be due to sweat which I'd hope would be kept at bay by the water seal but obviously not.

So in summary. Vivofit 4 (number 1) lasted 09.Oct.18 - 05.Dec.18, Vivofit 4 (number 2) lasted 08.Dec.18 - 21.Mar.19.

Has anyone else had this experience?

I have a Fenix 5 which in comparison is bombproof. The only reason I have the Vivofit is the Fenix isn't always suitable for wearing with some of my clothing, hence the move to a smaller wrist based step counter when I'm not exercising.

Thanks, D.