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vivoactive 3 SW 7.20 is now live

This update can be downloaded with Garmin Express or automatically through Garmin Connect Mobile. 

Change Log

  • Fixed an issue with some CIQ watch face data fields not updating
  • Hi. I have battery issues (still) and an altitude issue. The battery life has been dismal (1-1.5 days) since June. The steps issue is crazy. It's been not registering a thing for months. Now with the 7.20 update, I go out for a run on the flat, and it registered a whopping 58 flights of stairs! It's so disappointing to have an inexpensive gadget that doesn't work properly. Any help or guidance would be much appreciated.

  • From what I can tell nothing has changed on battery life in 7.20.

    I spoke with Garmin support when 6.90 came out and destroyed my battery life on a watch that had beeen running a consistent 15% battery / day.  They replaced the watch as that was the only tool they had.  It did not change anything.

    However they also had some suggestions on some causes back at 6.90.  The biggest one was a change in the CIQ SDK that would cause many CIQ data fields and more importantly watch faces to consume more power if they were not updated to the new SDK.  I use a CIQ watch face.  When the developer updated to the new SDK, the battery life returned almost - I'm now at a consistent 20% / day.  But that's far better than the watch only lasting a day.  If you use a watch face, ensure it has been updated to the newest SDK rev level.  Mine also has a user configuration for how frequently the watch face updates.  I set it to less frequent updates.  It does not need to update every second (I'm not using a sweep second hand) so if the heart rate or other data field displays on the watch face only update every other second, who cares, that help battery life as well.

  • Thanks for this. How do you do the user configuration for the watch face updates? 

  • If the watchface has the setting you'll find it on Garmin Connect /Garmin Devices/Activites and App Management/Watch Faces/ your watch face/settings.

  • And what is the issue with users that don't use CIQ watch faces or other such apps/widget ?

    This is not a question to you of course but one can only wonder of the troubleshooting effort Garmin is (not) putting here

  • I have this battery problem ever since I purchased the device.  It's been replaced twice.  Still the battery problem remains.

  • Same issue with iPhone and Mac

  • Hello together, my watch is approx. 1 year old and the battery still lasts 3 days (with 2 h of Sport, running). I use Bluetooth only for sync and HR is always on. I never had a Problem with the battery life, but I know Blutooth and some watch faces/widgets drain the battery very fast (as you describe). I hope that helps. best regards from Germany

  • updated and I'm having the same issue with the battery draining like crazy smh. I'm getting practically 12 hours of battery life

  • the 7.20 firmware seem buggy, it regurlarly crashed the watchapp (titatnium) and I need to restart it to sync after that.