The Venu is for poor people who don't deserve a properly functioning product.

Apparently forking out 350USD for this "entry level" watch does not entitle purchasers to a functional device.

Upon unboxing there were multiple issues with the App and Watchface dedicated storage which required multiple rounds of updates before the device realized it could accommodate more than 1mb of memory. 

Within 5 days of use a glitch surfaced, which made spotify playlist selection send your watch into a reboot. This has not been resolved in the 3 weeks since it has been reported. Arguably one of the differentiating features between the Garmin Venu and other watches under this price point is the ability to save your spotify playlist. This is THE main reason I bought this over something much cheaper like the Huawei GT2. 

After the most recent update to watch firmware I noticed days when the accelerometer was not working until after i shutdown and restarted the watch. Imagine clocking less than 6000 steps on a 7km walk. 

As of today, in idle with only "always on" display, the watch drains battery at a rate of 1% every 10mins. A 45min swim activity without HR/pulseox/GPS tracking drained 50% battery life. 

This feels as if I bought one of those 80USD chinesium smartwatches that clearly overpromise what they can actually deliver. Too bad I paid more than 4 times the price...

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