Record Cycling Workout Exertion without Recording Cycling Workout

If I cycling using another computer or app for recording the activity, so not recording it on the watch, but I want the watch to record the activity minutes, HR and impact on the body battery....... what is the easiest option?

I have found that activities synced to Garmin Connect do not impact the HR, Activity Minutes or Body Battery charts/numbers. My key desire is to best use the body battery feature for tracking exertion and recovery.

Would the easiest option be to just record the activity as 'cardio' so it'll get the HR and the exertion, which should be the lowest battery drain, whilst providig the exertion recordings to drive updates to the activity minutes, HR and Body Batter? I'll stop Garmin auto-syncing to Strava, etc to avoid duplicate activities. Strava will record the ride from my bike computer, Garmin Connect will record the exertion.

Wishful thinking - is there any way to auto-start an activity based on HR increase?  I'm sure this is a 'no', and just walking/running are autostarted.

  • I thought I may be able to use an external HR monitor, however, although the watch connects to the HR strap, without starting an activity the watch still doesn't recognise the sustained elevated HR. So a simple HR only activity on the watch seems to be the easiest way to measure exertion without full cycling activity tracking.