Venu or forunner 645

Venu or forunner 645

Could you send me pics of run information from Garmin app of Venu ([email protected]). What everything missing in Venu? Venu + amoled, design, little bit bigger ... 645 + more info from your run

thank you for your help

  • Get the 645. I wish I had done so. Venu is buggy as hell. No training load. Erratic VO2Max. Not a Runner’s watch.

  • Dont know how good the support is for the 645 but Venu is an unusable piece of junk. Worst purchase decision in my life. 

    1. Spotify only works if your satisfied with 1 playlist. Playlist select button force restarts the watch.

    2. You cant tell it to use SpO2 measurement while you workout either, you have to manually set it to always on before your exercise.

    2. No audio pace announcement (the Venu is "Not a serious running watch" apparently)

    3. Some days the step tracker just doesnt feel like putting in the work until you restart the watch (conveniently you can just select a spotify playlist to do this)

    4. Latest version of the watch firmware causes battery drain 6% an hour when left alone on a table doing absolutely nothing. The battery even discharges when its powered down now. Amazing. 

    5. There are a tonne more bugs with every function and feature of this watch. Just spend some time reading through this forum. I wish I had...