Battery Life


I am a recent purchaser of the Garmin Venu. I was with fitbit and had the ionic(which I did love) but I choose to try this watch because of all the great features it apparently had and the fact it claims to have the same battery life as the fitbit. I am honestly a bit disappointed. I had it for literally today, and from 8 to 3 I was down to 75% from that rate I would of had to plug it back in overnight and honestly I want to track my sleep cycles, my workouts, my calorie burn versus what I eat etc etc.

I have the music removed, I went back to the normal face because apparently the extra faces you can get drain the battery(which I understand but also like really? the fitbit face didn't effect the battery level at all) and basically turned everything off except for BT, I want it to sync to the app. I wish it had an option where it would only sync when I turned on the app versus constantly, I don;t like having to think about turning BT off and on when I want it to sync. All in all I'm a little dissapointed and this was twice as much money...twice as much. I thought for the price the performance would be I wrong?

Anyone have any tips for me? Or hope?