Batterylife venu with 4.60 just afew hours

I have my  Garmin venu 2 weeks. Till 2 days ago software version 3.50 was active and the batterrylife was 4 days.

Since 2 days 4.60 is installed and directly after that my batterylife is now just 4 till 5 hours (23% per hour lower energy). I didnot change the use or any settings etc and I did and do not use the wach intensively. I only use the clock, Garmin pay (btw not last 2 days) and further only use the watch for receiving messages from my phone. This issue  definitely is caused by software update  2 days ago to 4.60. In this way thewatch not workable  anymore. 

Does anyone know how to go back to the previous software version so the watch works fine with a normal batterylife again?

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