Venu SW 4.50 is now live

This update can be downloaded with Garmin Express or automatically with Garmin Connect Mobile (pending rollout). 

Change Log

  • Made improvements to music provider syncing
  • Looks Like your company fixes the Most Importamt Bugs at First. 

    Thank good im Out of garmins Idea what users need

  • well, considering all the problems of the Garmin Venu and the defects of the Garmin Connect Bug system, at least we know that Garmin has quality limits.

  • brightness is still in three levels, but cant set it up.

    no matter which level I choose, VENU still has brightness automatic. But there is no button for getiing automatic brightness off.

    any solution?

  • Garmin Pay working fine on 4.40.

    Watch auto updated to 4.50 and deleted my wallet.

    Can somebody from Garmin explain  why the update empties the wallet?

    This has happened to me on previous updates.

    If and this is a big if, the wallet has to be emptied, then this should be added to the release notes, so users are aware and can take action after the update.

    Setting up credit cards in the wallet should only need to be done once and not deleted by an update without warning.

    I look forward to Garmin's response.

    Failure to respond will confirm Garmin don't know why an update clears the wallet and hence can't explain it or stop it.

  • Ever since receiving the 4.50 SW update, my battery life has been horrible.  Down from several days to less than 24 hours, no change in settings.  Is there some new background feature in 4.50 that I need to turn off?