How Do You Like Your Venu?

Just got a Venu yesterday and wondering how others like theirs. I see some negative posts here but this is after all a product forum and people only seem to post mainly when they are having issues.

So far I am liking this device. Did a mile and a half walk with a few small run intervals just to see how the OHR and GPS worked. Seems to be working fine compared to other devices I have owned.

Here is a link to the activity...

I had a fenix 6X sapphire, but I am not that advanced and all those advanced features are overwhelming to me. I tried the Apple watch series 5 which was pretty good but I hated having to charge it daily and no native sleep tracking. I then tried the Fitbit Versa 2 but the OHR seemed questionable and used my phones GPS and was not that accurate. But it did have a very nice screen.

I was looking for something that had a nice screen, built in GPS, accurate OHR, and good battery life. Also with enough fitness features without being overwhelming., and the Venu seems to fit that bill for me. I will know more once I test it more. I plan on doing some intervals today over about a 4 mile course at the park across the street, so I will see how that goes.

  • I did some intervals today and it worked good IMO.

    Here is the workout...

    GPS distance looks good... GPS track looks good... heart rate looks good... pace looks good... and everything else looks fine.

    I have done this workout many many times using many devices and chest strap heart rate monitors, and it is on par with what I expect.

    Going on 2 days and still have 79% battery left too. I don't use notifications, music, or anything on the watch because I always have my phone with me, so...

    Pretty impressed so far.