Garmin Venu - teething pains or time to return it?


Having left numerous hints, post a detailed research phase, I was fortunate enough to receive a Garmin Venu from my better half for Christmas. Having unboxed, and set up the Venu has not been off my wrist. With that said, I have had more than my fair share of issues:

1) Venu decides to freeze (even though it has more enough battery life) and run slowly.

2) Searching for all nearby sensors... As it just keeps spinning, Venu refuses to connect with various sensors via bluetooth and ant+ examples inc Beats headphones, Wahoo KICKR Core, iPhone (intermittently) and MacBook. The Venu just isn't visible and the Venu cannot see the hardware!

3) Core apps seemingly inaccurate. I run in the same direction for .25 mile. running back the EXACT same route it calculates a 25% delta!!!

4) Value of the sleep app? 

My question to Garmin users and Venu users alike is, are these testing issues of a new product that will be resolved in future updates? Or am I deluded? Garmin do appear to be customer focussed, listening too and resolving issues in the main. Or should I return it and seek an alternative product? 

I cannot help be feel totally oversold, and completely underwhelmed. And given all the other Venu issues in this forum I am very keen to hear your thoughts and experiences.


  • I think that the Venu is very much a beta product and likely always will be.  Who knows.  Maybe the Venu 2, if there ever is such a thing, will be better.  I'm always hesitant to buy the first run of any item.  Of course everything about the Venu is essentially the Vivoactive 4 except the screen and the size, so maybe it's just how things are.  I can't help but feel let down by the Venu.  It would be a better device if Garmin would stop prioritizing new features over fixing core functionality and if they'd stop breaking things with each firmware release.