Venu pool swim inaccurate

Hello, I was so excited for the Venu watch, but the pain reason I wanted it was to track my pool swims. I'm in a masters swim group, but I also swim in a 15 yard pool at my apartment complex.

I was testing the watch today while swimming a moderately fast past and out of 105 yards (7 lengths) it only counted 45 yards. I was really bummed out by this and I'm thinking about returning the product. I havent tried it in a 25 yard pool yet, but I was really hoping to keep track of swims in my 15 yard apartment pool. I suppose the length of the pool can mess this up since it is shorter? I tried a Suunto 9 watch in the same pool and it correctly counted the same distance of 105 yards.

Is there a 3rd party app that tracks more accurately? Will a software update improve the tracking later on when another update is released? Am I forced to use a 25 yrd pool or greater to accurately track distance? Is there a feature on my watch I can enable or disable to improve pool tracking?

I was swimming freestyle the whole time.