Typical battery life?

Got the Venu on Saturday around 3pm with 73% charged. Saturday evening it’s at 23%. Brightness is low. Watch face goes to simple time when locked. 

Sunday afternoon it’s at 9%. Charged Sunday afternoon at 4pm to 100%  

Now it’s Monday at 10pm and I’m at 42%. Is this typical battery life for the Venu?  It updated to 3.6 this morning. It seems like I should be getting days and not hours out of a new watch. Even my Vivoactive 3 would last about 5 days. What am I doing wrong?

  • I charge the watch every 6-7 days. Depends on how many sports units I do. No always on and I don't wear the watch at night. Try another restart and try another watchface maybe.

  • With alwaysOn (simple time when locked) i get 2-3 days with no problems. With AlwaysOn turned off, i get around 5-6 days. After Update 3.60 you should get an GPS update, maybe this hangs in the pipeline. Try to connect the watch on a PC with garmin Express and wait for this update (if not done yet, should be GPS 2.60). Also try a manual restart after Updates, it is since my Vivoactive 3 that i had some battery issues while/after updating.

    Additional, check your display brighness. With Update 3.60 the settings works now, i have it to the lowest setting and it is bright enough (in direct sunlight, it gets brighter for better reading also if it is set to low).


    Also look if your pulseOX setting is disabled on the day. Default is only at night, that is o.k. But over the whole day it eats the battery (maybe you played around here ;) ).

    All battery times given from me are without activities. So if you make a 2hours GPS+Music workout than it may be the "problem" but you should be able to get some days also with activivies.