Venu Display Slow to Turn On?

My wife's been noticing that when she turns her wrist to turn on her Venu that often it either doesn't turn on or it is really slow to turn on.  Coming from a Fitbit Ionic that always turned on immediately, it's very noticeable.  Is this normal for the Venu?

  • I have until 1/31/20 to return mine (Amazon's awesome holiday return policy).  They seem to release updates about every month.  That gives them a couple of updates to fix these things before I quit.  Honestly expected that these devices would be more solid.  I'm also trying a Fenix and that thing has problems too.

  • Yeah I had a bunch of Fenix' as well but I found for the $$$ the VA3 was far better value. Fenix with its low-res screen is starting to get pretty long in the tooth. I'm sure future releases will have the Venu amoled screen. My issue with Garmin is they pump out new models frequently yet they never master the firmware on any of them. I guess they figure they can afford the risk when they own 95% of the pure-fitness market.

  • It could be worse, I guess.  Before my foray into Garmin products, I had a Fitbit Ionic.  Fitbit is a terrible company that is trying to soak as much cash out of their success and marketing ability before everyone figures out how much they suck and moves on.  My watch had sync issues for over a year before they finally figured out what was wrong and fixed it.  I was a customer of theirs for nine years and had every Fitbit back to their first device.  They lost me over that fiasco.

    I hope that Garmin at least fixes things that come up.

  • I never had a Fitbit but a ton of Garmins and I could copy your comment and replace "Fitbit" with "Garmin" and be in total agreement! Garmin Connect is what saves their asses...too much hassle for most people to move their data elsewhere. This is why I keep a Sporttracks subscription running in parallel.

  • The data is why I stayed with Fitbit as long as I did.  I gave up nine years of data when I moved on.  I can still get to it, but the continuity is now gone.  It seems unlikely that Fitbit will get better, now that it's been bought by Google.

    Sometimes I miss the days of just going out for a walk or a run and not worry about tracking anything.Laughing

  • Same issue here. Takes over a second to turn on. Way to slow!

  • Set recording intervall to 1sec instead of intervall. Seems to make GPS more accurate.

  • It will make it more accurate when you view your activity in GC, etc, that's for sure!  The watch itself still sees GPS at the same frequency, but it's how often that's saved in the fit file (with smart it could be something like every 6 seconds instead of every second)

  • Mine is doing the same and I am using one of the watch faces that comes with the watch. A minimal analog one that has no extra information. I've even set the gesture to sensitive and it still won't light up when i look at my watch. I turn my wrist gently to look at it and hold, nothing. I shake vigorously and look at it and hold, nothing. wtf is wrong.  I waited over three months for this watch and to have such a simple issue. I'm regretting making the switch to Garmin from Fitbit.

  • WTF is wrong is that Garmin won't even acknowledge this problem exists, which is why i returned the venu and jumped ship to Apple watch. Actually not so much jumped ship as added AW to my VA3 and Edge 520. Still very much married to Garmin connect. AW with a couple of free apps is fully compatible with GC, no pain at all, love it. AW makes Garmin look like crap in terms of design and execution.

    Let the flaming begin.