Venu Display Slow to Turn On?

My wife's been noticing that when she turns her wrist to turn on her Venu that often it either doesn't turn on or it is really slow to turn on.  Coming from a Fitbit Ionic that always turned on immediately, it's very noticeable.  Is this normal for the Venu?

  • It doesn't seem like a hardware problem to me. If you go to the menu or the activities display and let it timeout, the response to the gesture is almost immediate. This suggests that the problem is located in the faces' software. Moreover, the stock faces (even the ones build by the user in the watch) are quicker to react than the ones from the CIQ store.

  • I notice the same thing. This is really annoying compared to my Fitbit Alta that was nearly instantaneous. Should be able to use the system RAM to store the last known information on the watch face, throw the display on in its "last known" state then update the values. 

    Would love to see faster speeds on this watch. 

  • Never had a fitness tracker, Garmin Venu is my first. 

    Taken Support a month to let me know this is exactly how they want the watch to behave and aren't looking to improve it. 
    Currently looking at getting a refund. 

    Garmin couldn't even tell me the specifics on how long the time is for the device to wake up? 

    I have a problem with the custom faces from IQ Connect store, they take even longer. Then I get an error message after about 10mins? 

    For a £300 watch... I find it unacceptable that we have to wait that long. I checked it against the Samsung Gear (almost 2yrs old) and iPhone watch, Samsung was instant! iPhone very close behind... Still waiting on Venu lol 

  • had a sensor update now this morning on watch, suddenly my watch display almost turn on directly when moving...way way better response than before.. Maybe they fixed it..

  • I don't think I got that update or that the Garmin team know about it, I'm currently being offered a full refund by Garmin for my watch I bought from a third party, very good of them, though it has taken me a long time... shows they see how bad it is. Though I've had it so long now and have a new strap coming... do I want to find another watch? Does anyone know what to recommend in place of the Venu but with the same features? 

    mdeletr - Could you let me know the settings on your watch around gesture and all that, so I can see if it makes any difference. I've just been running it 'Always On' which is better.

  • Hi..I have never used aod.  I use lowest sensitivity and long time on..definitely better today after this mornings sensor update, also got some update yesterday for bluetooth..

    It responds better when looking at watch. Sometimes it is little slow as before..but for most it is way faster in response..

  • As others have said, it depends a lot on which watch face you're using. The simpler built-in watch faces tend to be quite quick. Third-party watch faces are generally slower in my experience, and the more complex the watch face, the longer it takes to turn on. Personally I've found the Venu to generally be quicker than the Ionic, if I'm using a built-in watch face.

  • Hmm. The Ionic is from End of 2017. The Venu should be faster - indeed.

  • When I change watchface to original it’s faster

  • When I change watchface to original it’s faster