Venu battery drain


ok my new Venu the battery life is dramatically short

My settings:

- “star travels” original of garmin

- display always on

- gesture always on

- Bluetooth on

- brightness 50%

When I say short I mean from 100% to zero in 6 hours without any activity just wearing it .... disaster!!!

  • It could be the brightness why did you set it to 50?

    Are you getting a lot of text messages? The screen will light up every time you get a smartwatch notification....

  • No problems here. Look if you have the latest Update for your venu. Also try to turn of your Watch, sometimes an Update hangs and needs a restart....

  • I have a similar problem. The battery discharges within half a day. Even when turned off, the watch consumes 4% battery.

    After contact with Garmin there is a defect of the Battery before and the clock is just exchanged free of charge.
  • Uninstall the music application. It synchronizes permanently. I'll try but I'm pretty sure it comes from that. Thank you for giving me a return
    • I have my venu 2 weeks. Till 2 days ago software version 3.50 was active and the batterrylife was 4 days. Since 2 days 4.60 is installed and directly after that my batterylife is now just 4 till 5 hours (23% per hour lower energy). I didnot change the use of settings and I did and do not use the wach intensively. I only the clock, Garmin pay (btw not last 2 days) and only for receiving messages from my phone. Definitely causes by software update  2 days ago. Is not workable in thisway anymore. Garmin support states I cannot reset to the previous version....
  • I have the same problem. After the last update, my 4 days battery become 2 days battery. With the same amount of activity and with all the same setups as when I have bought it. I don't know what is going on. I have even returned it to the factory setting, and still, after 2 days, my battery is dead... It is so frustrating!!!!

  • I noticed the same issue as you and read that some 3rd party apps may cause this problem. I did a factory reset, charged it to 100% and shut the watch down. It drained 4% powered down overnight (6.5hrs). Turned it on in the morning with a stock watchface, disabled always on display and left it on my desk for 2hrs. Battery drained 13%. A 45min pool swim activity used up 50% battery.

    Up until recently, I would get 2.5 days battery life in a charge with Always on display, gesture control, SpO2 during sleep while clocking 3 x 1hr activities with gps on. 

  • I have the same issue every time it does an update,  only I get maybe 20 hours out of it instead of 6.  I have to do a hard reset back to factory every time to get the watch to hold a charge.  I purchased it in mid-June 2020 and it is now early April 2021.  I charged it to a full charge yesterday afternoon and just got the error message that it is now under 10%.  Will never purchase another Garmin device again.

  • Yesterday it did ANOTHER update and went from 100% power to under 10% in 14 hours.  I had it on the charger most of the day today.  I did another reset of the watch and have now spent nearly 4 hours trying to get this synched back up - it is not connecting to the app.  The app is updated on my phone and I have restarted the app, the bluetooth connection, the phone, and the watch.  Tech Support is "closed". Next time I think I will video my experience and post this on Youtube to see how many other people have this much difficulty with their device.   I seriously hate this device and the thought of bashing this thing to pieces on a video stream is starting to sound more and more attractive.  

  • Same here with my Venu - it's happened twice now in the past week.  I am not using any 3rd party apps.  I am on 5.8 now.  It occurred on the previous build and now on this build.