Sleep tracking accuracy

The sleep tracking on the Venu is waaaaay off for me. I like the watch, but the sleep analysis and accuracy makes me consider returning it. It often reports me going to sleep several hours before I actually go to bed. I've been wearing the Fitbit ionic and the Samsung Galaxy watch on my other wrist to compare and those 2 seem to be pretty spot on. The ionic is so precise I can actually use it as a diary of what happened during the night. I often have a hard time sleeping consistently and therefore wake up a lot. My awake times are reported to be around 45+- every night on the ionic and WA2 while the Venu says around 5mins. I know this is soooo wrong. Makes me question all the other details about deep sleep, light sleep and REM. Right now this part of the watch is just unusable.

Anyone with the same experience?  Is a fix coming?

  • OK, 2h after wake up the datas are there.

    BUT...garmin is an old ship, isnt it? I have to setup my core sleeping time and only in this window P2O messurment are running? Realy?
    Under the week i have to stand up ab 5 am.....not on the weekend. So P2oX stops an 5 am, also if i sleep up to 8am.

    Did not understand why garmin are so unflexible

  • You can adjust the Pu2OX within the App, there is a setting for measuring it the whole day. Beside this, this feature only helps people with sleep apnoe or to find out of you have it. I turned it on for a while but there are only minor changes from day to day... so it is not realy a big feature for myself. The first version also ran only for a few hours a night, and this was enough to find out some data. I would say the the collected data are enough also if it only measuring until 5 am on weekend...

  • When you looking for a sleep measuring device only, then the garmin products are not the best choice. But if you need a good overall fitness tracker, good activity/sports tracking and a good App/Website backend, then you will get happy with garmin. Also if you use products as bike computers and connect it with your watch (for heart rate etc.) it is a good system. I tried many other trackers/whatches but stayed at garmin. It is not first because the devices, more because the eco system behind. I did not found a platform which joined as much data for fitnes + sports. And there is the problem with Watches like the Huawai, nice devices but that is not enought when the software behind is not enough for ME. And a strong website dashboard is a big thing for me. Beside Polar, no other manufacturer has it (Suunto will close it, i have heard?). So when you pay an expense garmin whatch, you also pay for the platform behind. And yes, i hate the bugs too... and i can not understand the problems to fix it. But i also did not find another device/manufacturer which makes it better for me... 

  • I know all of this. I am realy amazed how flexible the 120€ Watcg GT active is. Nap tracker works great. Sleep and DND? No need to setup DND, it works automaticly.

    Years ago i wear a orerunner 235. Great device. I made a wrong decission to buy a VA3. From one day to the next, as an example, my sleep data goes down to, at max, 5 minutes deep sleep a night. Most of that 1 minute. So i bring the VA3 after 3 weeks back. Stumbling arround with a samung (***) and amazift verge (nice, but dark display) and now a huwaei watch gt. The last is great, but without the web frontend.

    So im happy as i hear about the VA4/Venu....and now im on the ground of old shool development with one and the same kernel on alle devices. Old shool sleep tracking without learning curve from the company. Bugs all over the device and curious development decissions (you cant pause an activity)

    We talk about an 350€ device. No cina fireworks

  • Sleep tracker. Every company make his own logic in the software.
    Back at garmin my sleep stats breaking down. Im not sure whats is near good, but i feel better that the garmin stats. The huawei (wear it on the other arm) feels a little bit near on my physical feeling. Bevor that i wear a Amazfir Verge....there stats are near on the Huawei and far from Garmin.

    Huawei just say more on the stats. I like it, but that not needed at all.

  • These sleep tracking logic is ***. I feel like a young good...but since i wear the Venu my stats are broken. 

    As an example. With my forerunner i was tracked all night like 90 minuten to 3h deep sleep. With the Vivoactive 3 it broke, from one day to the next down to 10 minutes every night. So, for this and more reasons i give back the VA3....with the venu it isnt better. All the time my deep sleep is in the first half of the night. 

    Last pic are from the good old 235. It looks like all my stats with the Amazfit oder the Huawei.

  • This are my stats, one year ago, with the VA3. My stats are completet crashed from one day to the next. 

    THese, as example, is with the forerunner 235. Last year i lay it down and from the next day im sick like hell if i trust garmin sleep stats.

  • On my Venu sleep analysis Is completly fake. My 40€ Huawei smartband is really better on this. The app also Is less user friendly.

  • On my Venu sleep analysis Is completly fake. My 40€ Huawei smartband is really better on this aspect. 

  • My last sleep stat. Venu is in a package and is going back today *crying*

    Garmins Sleep stats are curious. All "deep sleep" are found in the first half of the night. Everytime. After that there will be no more deep sleep.
    On the other hand a wear a Watch GT active. There stats are more what i feel.