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5.27 update battery drain

So I got the 5.27 update and the watch was charged to 100 percent. It did great the first night and only went down 25 percent for the first 24 hours. I typically get 4 days on a charge with my configuration. The second night I woke up and it was at 18 percent. I hope this isn't a permanent thing because I love the watch and the 4 days without a charge has been great. Any information would be great?

  • not 11 days but i do have notifications, BT always on and custom watch face from ICQ. If it hangs 5 days I'll be happy, though 11 would not be bad for happiness also Slight smile

  • That's not bad then, with always on. I don't use always on and I'm using a Garmin watch face, I run 3 times a week, mostly 5k, but I'm getting about 4 to 5 days, even less since the 5.27 update. I now only put the watch on for running. 

  • I am having the same battery issues with the new firmware update... I would always get 4-5 days on a charge before.. Pulse Ox on the "during sleep only" setting.. Exercising activities with GPS 2-4 hours per day... I went to bed last night with 44% battery, woke up with only 2% !  It seemed like the LEDs were extra bright during sleep though.. I could see them between the watch and my wrist in the dark.. that is not normal for me. Using the same Garmin watch face and have no additional apps installed.... the only thing different is the software update to ver 5.27 

  • Although my used CIQ-Apps were from Garmin, I uninstalled them, soft reset, ... Nothing changed!

    So Garmin please urgently fix this bug!!!

  • If you have confirmed that you have no Connect IQ content on the device and are still experiencing a rapid battery drain on your Venu 2, please reach out to your local Garmin support team for further assistance.

    Garmin Product Support