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Venu 2 Display Turns Off/Freezes/Crashes After 4.67 SW Update

V 4.67.

I noticed such a thing. The clock turns off by itself when leaving the house in the morning. My sequential steps:
1) wake up
2) I have breakfast
3) I do the synchronization of the clock from the phone
4) take the elevator down
5) get in the car
6) the clock is off.

Seen on all firmwares, incl. and at the last 4.67. And this problem only in the morning - already 5 times this happened!
There is a suspicion of one thing that leads to the shutdown of the clock:
- Morning FORCED synchronization after sleep - occurs exactly after sleep, tk. a new day has begun and garmin connect somehow does not work out this synchronization correctly. If after sleep it is forced not to do synchronization, but just wait for the clock to automatically synchronize itself, then the clock does not turn off during the day!

There are a lot of problems here on the forum that the clock dies and does not turn back on. I think that this is the problem for everyone.

Hold the power button for 30 seconds, then release it, then hold it again and the clock will turn on.

  • A quick message to let you know that my Venus2S has been automatically updated 2 days ago  (  2021/10/08 )  ... As far as now, all seems good except body battery that does not go very high now ... and I don't think I am more tired than before ... need to see if it goes better in the next few days  ...