please add ebike activity to Venu 2 Plus


I had Venu and I'm interesed in buying venu 2 plus. But big deal breaker is lack of ebike acitivity, so I would need to again manualy edit every strava bike ride to e-bike ride on my phone, like on Venu?!

Instinct 2 have e-bike activity but doesn't have pilates animation and doesn't have color, and I already have solar gshook that i like. Also I have some medical issues that require me to do shoulder stretch and spine stretch Pilates workouts.

Fenix 7 is to big, and 7s is to much money for me for watch. And Fenix 6 is alredy old device.

So is there any chance to in foreseeable future add ebike activity to Venu 2 plus.

  • OK, I just ordered Venu 2 plus. Hope you will add e-bike activity in foreseeable future :)

  • I must be missing something but can't find it in the apps or anywhere on the web. I have Garmin Connect working with a Garmin 830. When it writes the workout to Strava, Strava always ends up with it as an e-bike ride that I have to manually change. Much as I would like to think Strava or Garmin concluded that my workout must be beyond my human performance limit, I suspect there is a setting I am missing on either Garmin or Strava, but I can't find it.

    Any help would be definitely be omegle shagle appreciated!