Low battery warnings with new doors and circuit board.

Is anyone else getting low battery warnings since installing the new small parts kit? Since I installed the parts with fresh, tested cr1/3n batteries I get about 10 hours before I get a low battery warning. Previously I'd get over 100 hours before the low warning message. Checking the fit file it shows the voltage down around 2.6-2.5v but when I remove the batteries and test them with a multimeter they measure right at 3.0v.

Yesterday I went for a ride and got the warning with almost new batteries so today I put the old doors and circuit board back in with the same batteries and viola everything is fine again. Battery voltage from yesterday was 2.62v at start and 2.5v at end. Tonight's ride with the old doors and same batteries gave 2.93v at start and 2.89v at end. Temperature was virtually the same so that's not the cause. I'm wondering if there's something up with the new design that's not conducting as well as the old?