Any way to find out lost Vector 3 pedal ID?


I've inherited a pair of Vector 3 pedals, but can't find a pedal ID on either spindle and I don't have the original packaging.

Is there any other way of finding out the pedal ID so I can pair and use these pedals? I don't know the exact model, 'Vector PR3' is on the cleat body.

Many thanks


  • Do the electronics work, If you wake the pedals up by rotating them or opening an closing the battery door do the LEDs at the end of the spindle flash.

    If they do then you should be able to pair to the left pedal by just doing a search without having to know the ID. If the previous owner did not unpair them then the right pedal should still be paired to the left.

    You might try using a strong light at different angles and a magnifying glass or phone app to inspect the should of the spindle. The laser etching should be there.