Constant Disconnects With Garmin Connect

Hi all,

I have a pair of Vector 3. 

To wake the pedals, I spin them a bit. The left pedal blinks 1 time red, then many times green. Then they connect to the garmin connect app.

So far, so good.

But then, they just disconnect. After 5-15 sec. And I need to do the whole process again. I check for software updates:

- my garmin connect says I have new updates to install for my vector 3
- my garmin edge 520 plus says I have the latest software available for my vector 3

I did try to do the same either without a phone (only with edge 520 plus), or without the edge (only the phone).

Luckily, the edge 520 plus seems to keep the connection to the vector 3 while riding. That is, until yesterday, when I updated the Edge 520plus to the latest version.

Now the Garmin Vector 3 keep disconnecting while riding. I receive power data for 3 sec, with a peak of power ~~2000watts, then 0 watts for 5 sec, then they disconnect. 3-4 min of spinning later, they connect again to the edge 520 plus (I receive the message "power sensor detected" or whatever), just for 5 sec, then disconnect again. Needless to say, they have become absolutely unusable. 

Ideally, what I would like is:

- When I do not have my Garmin Edge 520 plus turned on, my garmin Vector 3 should connect to my phone with the garmin connect app. I should be able to install updates from there without the pedals constantly disconnecting. I should be able to calibrate my pedals from there.

- When I do have my Garmin Edge 520 plus turned on, I expect my pedals to connect to it and stay connected while I spin (maybe shut off after 2min without spinning, say).

This is not the behavior I observe. Is this a faulty unit? My troubleshooting steps so far:

- reinstalled garmin connect app

- removed/reinstalled the vector 3 on the garmin connect app (while also removing th ebluetooth connection)

- Reset my edge 520 plus

- Removed/added the vector 3 on the edge 520 plus

- Change batteries 2 times (with all the "clean with alcool and add oil" thingy to improve contact as they recommend)

Nothing seems to fix this. Is my unit faulty?