Vector 3 v.3.80 , transmission breaks on ANT+, on BLTE is ok

Recently, I had quite a few breaks from one to several seconds in displaying power and cadence on the Edge 1030. I received messages about low battery, so I thought that replacing it would solve the problem.
After replacing the battery, the problem persists.
At the same time, I'm using Zwift on an Android phone. Bluetooth transmissions, no interruptions. I made a switch, paired Vector after BLTE with Edge 1030, ANT + with the phone. The Edge power / cadence was displayed correctly and the breaks were now on the phone. Therefore, I exclude 1030, and the problem is on the Vector 3 side. It seems to me that it is not related to the battery, because during power outages the signal should disappear both after ANT + and Bluetooth.
Has anyone had such a problem?

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