Vector 2 pedals not connecting to eachother

Hi all,

I'm not sure if it is ok to post this here as there is no more Vector 2 specific forum but here it goes anyhow, remove if necessary. 

I have purchased a used set of Vector 2 pedals/pods and I am having issues getting them setup.  I have put new batteries in each pod yet the pods continue to blink green 4 times (the pedal pod is searching for the other pod).

I am awaiting a head unit so I have nothing to test with there unfortunately.  I have tried the Garmin Updater on the PC but it will not detect both pedals, I get the message that only the left or only the right pedal was detected each time the program searches for the pedals.

Does anyone have any recommendations on what I could try to resolve this issue?

Things I have done thus far

* New batteries

* Switched pods between pedals

* Searched using garmin updater

Thanks for any suggestions

  • Ive basically had the same question posted on here for a week and got zero responses. I also found several people with the same issue on a vector facebook group who had posted recently, and none of them found a resolution.

    For me, it's ended up with me sending my Vector 2 (which were bought in 2015 in fairness, worked during the summer, used indoor trainer during winter with power from smart trainer and then when i went for a ride outside last week they wouldn't work any more) to Garmin and doing a trade-up to Vector 3. This was after several phonecalls to them and me even buying a replacement pod to see if that would fix it. They first offered me 30% off RRP on the trade-up but then in a later phone call, offered me the trade-up for a total of £175 - no idea how they came up with that number but it was too good to not take.

    It was all very frustrating because the Vector 2, despite their age, were in perfect condition, had never needed a service (were still buttery smooth) and didn't show any real signs of being broken other than refusing to detect each other (4 flashes).

    Hope you find a solve.