Cannot update to 3.80 using GC Mobile App. Stuck on v3.60

Hi All,

I really need a small bit of help, as for the life of me, I must be missing something REALLY obvious with my issue..

I cannot update my Vector 3’s (dual-sided) to firmware 3.80 via the Garmin Connect Mobile App.

I am using GC Mobile App v4.26, and the Vectors are connecting just fine.  Under the Device Settings>Firmware update section, I see:

Version 3.60 “Your software is up to date”

So I bounced Bluetooth, rebooted my phone, uninstalled/reinstalled GC Mobile (back to same 4.26 version), gave all permissions etc and connected just fine to my Vectors, where the App now reported:

Version: 0 “Your software is up to date”

Also possibly relevant is that if I try to calibrate the Vectors from the Device Settings on the App, I get "Calibration Failed" error, with no other information given.  I am less concerned about this as I calibrate via my head unit, but this might be relevant to the firmware issue, perhaps..

I see that there has been TWO firmware updates since 3.60 (3.68 and 3.80), but I cannot seem to update to either of them.

Does someone have a suggestion for this?  It would be massively appreciated!

Cheers, Matt.