Original Vector S problem


Maybe the wrong place but Im hoping someone might be able to help.  I have an original Vector S system which has stopped working, before I switch to something else I thought I'd try and upgrade it to a Vector 2.

My problem is that there wasnt anywhere local selling the Vector 2s upgrade kit so i went ahead and got the upgrade kit for dual pedals thinking I could just install one of them.

My problem (first maybe more!) is that when I connect it it wont pair up with edge 530 and is flashing 4 green which suggests its is searching for the other pedal which I dont have!

Have I made an error getting the dual upgrade kit or is there a way to make that work with just the single side system?

It might be the pedal itself is faulty but Im struggling to tell until I can stop it from trying to talk to the dual side.

Any help appreciated!

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