Vector 3 stuck in update loop

I'm having an issue with my vector 3 pedals.

It seems to be stuck in an update loop. whenever they turn on, the lights flash red and green alternately until they stop. I do not get constant green flashes to indicate successful, nor red for unsuccessful.

Yesterday, on my cycle home the power dropped out, and didn't return for a few minutes, and when it did the power reading were off. it was showing 200w when I was barely touching the pedals.

I thought to myself, it's probably done an update (the dropout) and re-calibrated it's self while I'm pedaling (The bad readings).

When I got home I tried to calibrate the pedals with my edge 1030 (APAC, so running 7.5 firmware still), but the screen just hung, no success or failure of the calibration.

Now whenever the are woken, the red green alternating lights and I cannot connect to them.

The software on them is already showing as up to date. V3.60

Any ideas anyone?