Vector 3 play in the pedal body


I'm on my third set of vectors (second set of vector 3 pedals) and all three of them have developed play in the pedals after not much use.

For instance my old vector 2s developed a knocking in both pedals after a summer of riding. They were replaced with me paying the difference to get the new 3 model. After around 300 miles the right hand pedal developed lateral play on the spindle. The replacement set have now developed a knocking every pedal stroke after around 20 turbo rides (so less than a month of riding).

I have replaced my cleats on both sets of shoes to no avail, and by trying another set of pedals I've confirmed that the knocking has to be the pedals as it doesn't happen with my look keos.

Ramping up the tension on the retention spring makes no difference.

Has anyone had any problems with this? I've read a lot about the battery cover issues, but seen less about play in the pedal body.

Starting to get a bit fed up. Managed to get years out of me Looks without any issues. In the market for a second power meter to ensure accurate readings across both bikes, but I'm a bit reluctant to get another set of vectors after this.
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