RCT715 Clip Length and Light Modes

Not so much a question, more of a request;
Is there any possibility through future firmware and app updates of getting a way to adjust the clip length?  The one thing I really liked about my Cycliq that I don't like about the 715 is that the 715 is locked to 30 second clips.  On a 2-1/2 ride, this is 360 individual files, which is kind of ridiculous, for a +5 hour ride.... WOW.  I'd really like the option of at least 5min clips, if not longer. 

I believe Cycliq went as high as 15, which is about 3.8GB, and I think that was a filesystem limit.  I understand that given the slow Wifi and USB transfer speed of the unit, this is prohibitive when it comes to transferring to a phone, but that should be our choice and I'm fine with a disclaimer noting that wireless transfer may be unusable with the file size and that removing the card for file transfers may be necessary.  

Additionally, the ability to run the camera without the light is something else I miss.  This isn't as much an issue due to the huge battery life, but I also run a RL300 as a dedicated tail light, and the longest life light mode is daytime flash, which is still pretty bright in a group, especially on a long night gravel ride.  Again, this puts more control in the hands of the user and even if there needs to be a disclaimer about riding without the light, that should be on the rider to decide.

  • Are you using the mobile app or possibly connecting to a device through Bluetooth?  I noticed with the mobile app (bluetooth) the light needs to be enabled to keep connected.  However when I connected to my Garmin Edge headunit using ANT+ I am able to turn the light off and still use other functions.  

    I have not yet reached out to support but it may be worth trying that to confirm if this is by design or an oversight.  Since it seems fine with ANT+ on Garmin units, I agree - you should be able to use other devices or the mobile app without enabling the light.   For example if I were to do a super long ride, I could throw another rear light on to conserve battery on the varia. 

  • Interesting.  I generally keep the light network disabled on my Edge as I've had problems with it and multiple lights (especially Cycliq).  I run into issues where some lights will disconnect and turn off, and others will stay on.  I might have to try it with just the 715 and see what it does.  

    I've only tried with the app and the buttons, and from everything i've seen in the app, read in the manuals, and experimented with using the buttons; you are unable to record without the light on.  As soon as you cycle through and turn off the light using the buttons, the recording stops.  You are also unable to start recording with the bottom button without the light being on.  I'll have to experiment with going through the head unit.

  • I was able to test and confirm with an Edge 1040 I set the light mode to "off" and the camera to only record on radar detection.  I triggered the radar and it recorded.   Since the only two devices that can set the camera to "radar only" mode are Garmin units, or mobile phones - this would mean you cannot use "camera on radar" mode with the lights off unless it is with a Garmin computer.  -Because turning the light off disconnects the unit from my phone app all together.

    I really wonder if this is by choice or an oversight.  I would think this should be possible through the mobile app and may be worth reaching out to support. 

  • I would also like a setting to allow longer video clips for the unsaved (automatic) clips. I don’t really review any video unless I need to, but 30 secs is silly..

    I have come up with a set of *nix scripts using ffmpeg on my MacBook Pro I can use to concatenate all those 30 sec clips into a single .mkv file I can view with VLC. OTOH, it would be nice to just have the 5 min clips or so. Those MP4 files aren’t even standard. Garmin uses the MP4 container for encoded H264+PCM, which is not normal/supported by standards. I think Sony has done that as well, with their video cams.

  • With you on the issues with using the light network. I get the rear to be stable but can never get the front light to stay stable for more than a week. Then it goes bonkers. The other issue I have had is when charging the head unit it will sometimes once done, wake up, then turn the lights on. This has left me with a dead light 2 times now!