Phone App Resets Camera Settings

Pretty happy with my Varia so far, it seems to be doing what it needs to do. However, I just accessed it from the Varia app on my iPhone (which I used to set it up in the first place), and when I went into the settings for the device, it seemed to reset everything (to default?) - recording was set to OFF (radar only), camera set to 720P, audio recording OFF, Incident Detection OFF. I don't know if this was just the app mis-reporting, or if it would have actually reset everything on the device if I had left the settings as they were, but thought I should flag it up as a warning that if you connect to the app for any reason, check you don't accidentally lose your settings.

  • That has not happened to me, and I have opened it in the iOS app on my iPhone several times.

  •  I had something similar happen at first.  However once I put matching settings into the mobile app, then exit the app *and* put the same settings into the Garmin Edge Camera Widget, it stays where I want it.  I'd give that a try if you are using a head unit as well.  I think maybe the two devices (phone and edge) were fighting one another for the settings, rather than syncing up.

  • If you've ever taken a photo or video with your phone and then used it to make a screen recording, you've probably noticed that the quality of the picture is different than when it was taken through the built-in camera app. Most of the students like reading resume writer direct reviews online. It's because the phone's camera app automatically adjusts for various factors before taking photos, like adjusting for lighting conditions and focusing on an object in front of you.