FIRST read my prior post entitled "First use this season and it starts with this."

Here's the problem: If I build a course in Connect and add a course point I can neither download the course as a FIT file (returns an error) nor send it to my device. If I duplicate the same course and remove the added course point then it syncs to the device and downloads as it should.

To demonstrate I've made two public courses:

  1. "TEST TORONTO" is a 1 km course with a course point.
  2. "TEST TORONTO WITHOUT POINT" is a duplicate but edited to remove the course point.

So GARMIN search Connect's database for the two aforementioned courses, use them as test and control, then fix the *^&%ing bug. Thank you.

Edit: Pending resolution of the bug how about Garmin adds a notification to the Create New Course process in Connect informing that adding course points to routes will result in the preceding? Or do thousands of others have to waste time individually trying to solve what's obviously a system wide problem?