Garmin Explore update issues

My new Explore has updated to 5.10 and since developed a fault. Mid ride the auto pause fails to restart when setting off again, i have to turn the unit off and on again then it seems to relocate GPS and all is fine. This happens on every ride now and not ideal. 

Thinking of reinstalling 5.00 as the other unit i have works fine.

Anyone know the best way to reinstall this please?

  • I found this solution elswhere. All credits to the sender of that.

    Older versions can be found here: Look for the file EdgeExplore_500.gcd, rename it to GUPDATE.GCD and copy it to the folder ..\Garmin on the device. Detach the device in a clean way ('Safely remove hardware'), and install will start when the device has rebooted. If not, start the install manually: Menu / System / About / Software Update. Be aware that all your personal settings are lost and have to be re-entered if you downgrade to an older firmware version.

  • Mine is running 5.10 for a long time already without issues. So maybe a full reset to factory settings may be worth trying before taking the rather drastic step to install an earlier firmware version?