RideWithGPS on Edge Explore?

Since she's not using power meters etc., my GF just got the Edge Explore (not the 820 or 1000 version) a few days ago.

OK, so I get that it's a stripped down Edge 1000, so a few things missing, like displaying Grade on a data screen - arghh.

The one thing that has us stumped is inability to find RideWithGPS in the Connect IQ app store (on her iPhone).

I found something that said RwGPS is compatible with many Edge devices, including Explore 820 and Explore 1000, however, this seems like a big miss for a so-called Touring cycle computer?

I have the RwGPS IQ app on my Edge 830 and create all my routes in the tool, as do many of our cycling friends. Furthermore, we also confirmed that from my Android phone, the RwGPS app is in the Connect IQ store, so what gives? Does the Connect IQ store block certain apps based on compatibility?

We also unpaired her Explore from her phone and repeated the pairing process (in Connect) and tried to force it to install as an Explore 1000, but it failed to pair

So can anyone confirm our finding or have a solution for it?