Is there a way to block transmission of ride data to Garmin Connect?

I just got an Edge Explore and like it overall. However, to get some features like weather I need to connect it to my Garmin Connect application on the phone. When I do this, of course, it will sync ride data to the app and then off to Strava and other connected apps. Normally this would be fine, but my "device of record" is my Forerunner 735XT that is also connected to my bike sensors, my heart rate sensor etc. It's just easier to see ride information in real time on the Edge. he problem is, with both connected to my Connect app  I get the data twice.

I like the phone connection for weather, text messages, and incident detection, but I need to have it not transmit ride data to the Connect application. I've not seen a way to block this from happening. Any suggestions? Am I just missing a setting, or do I just have to disconnect it from my phone? I also want to find a way to display grade data, and I think that has to go through Connect as well. 

- Mike