Does the 2018 Edge Explore support following courses on smart turbo trainers?

Hi, I recently bought an Elite Novo Smart turbo trainer and it's worked fine in conjunction with RGT (similar to Zwift), varying the resistance wirelessly. I've now tried hooking it up to my 2018-era Edge Explore:

The Garmin finds the sensor in the turbo trainer fine, but when I load an imported GPX course and start the ride, all seems to be going well until you realise that the cursor on the Garmin map is not moving and the resistance never changes as it should when you progress through the ride.

What's annoying is that my searches of the product manual, of reviews and so on, nowhere did I read of it being confirmed that you CAN use it with smart turbo trainers (and by extension, simulate the experience of a saved course) or that you CAN'T.

Would have thought this was an obvious point, given how popular they are and the fact that the unit is high-ish end and launched as recently as 2018.

Any help appreciated!