battery problem version 5.10

Hi everybody
my battery drains in 5 hours, bluetooth deactivate, 50% brightness, 15 seconds backlight, dynamic recording and a cardiac sensor.

normally the battery lasts 8 hours without problem.

are you also having problems with version 5.10 thank you for your answers.


  • With software 5.10 my Edge Explore consumes 10.9 % per hour battery capacity. Screen backlight permanently ON at 70% (day mode), Course active without navigation while taking breadcrumps, 2 sensors - HR and GSC10 speed/cadence, Bluetooth OFF. Riding with turn guidance (TbT) on increases the battery consumption just a few tenth of a percent.

    Sounds reasonably, but with software 4.40 it was 9.1% per hour, with 4.60 suddenly increased to 16% per hour. Appearantly Garmin worked on this issue behind the screens - no mention of it in the change logs - and with software version 5.00 it lowered back to 11.5% per hour and up to now I have for two rides 10,9% per hour with the latest software version 5.10. All measurements done under the same conditions and settings as far as possible. Be aware that these figures are dependent of the individual battery condition, so other devices may record different figures under the same conditions.