Edge "Workbench" program for MS Windows

I wrote an Edge "workbench" type of program for Microsoft Windows 10.

  • Convenient access to the files on your Edge for viewing/deleting.

  • Makes it easy to download routes/trips (public and private) from RWGPS.

  • Easy to download public courses from Garmin ConnectC (Garmin makes it hard to do anything more).

  • Download multiple routes at once by dragging a list of URLs (from an email, for example).

More detail here:


It's available through the Microsoft Store. There's a 30 day trial (it's $2 to buy).


A new version was just released (12/17/2019).


* Can now download your pinned routes from RWGPS.

* Can now download routes from GPSies.

* Has an option to watch additions/changes to the Downloads folder. This makes GRouteLoader easy to use for websites it can't directly download from.

* Has an option to add distance markers to routes/tracks exported to Google Earth. Use the "More >>" button to specify the period for the markers.

* Has an option to watch additions/changes to the web server folder.

* Has an option to (try to) terminate the web server program.