Several problems.

Hello all. I've owned a Garmin edge explore for a year now and have encountered different bugs during this period.

The Bluetooth connection with the phone isn't stable, it will just keep disconnecting and reconnecting over and over during my rides. I've seen this problem reported by other customers with no solution so I guess it just won't be fixed, since it affects only a few of us.

Battery save mode used to stop working after a while, leaving the screen always on, sometimes even freezing it, solved by scrolling down. I say "used to" because I stopped using it too and I still have to try it with the latest version, I will post updates after some testing, as soon as I recover from an injury.

What I can see of the latest version is that the asterisk sign on the brightness bar is gone and the bar itself doesn't show correctly and apparently the "round trip courses" tool can't find results anymore.

Overall, the device isn't worth the money I've spent but please don't add even more bugs over the ones already there.