Solved all my Edge Explorer issues - message for Garmin representatives

I have solved all my Edge Explore issues. By simply selling almost new device for half the price paid.

But because I spend some time on reporting problems, reading potential solutions, trying them out and because I can see a lot of people do the same I've decided to share my opinion on this product here from the software engineer perspective.

You don't test your software, the users do and the users spend their time on reporting problems that should have been found during Quality Assurance stage of software development. However, they did not, very often looks like you do not test the software AT ALL (see upgrade issues, missing asterisk in screen backlight settings, missing translations in 4.60).

Sleeping issues (screen not going to sleep or wake up), touch screen totally stopping to accept user input after some time of activity and then recovering at random moment, completely disfunctional elevetion profile screen with no rider position marked (nope, you have not fixed it in 4.60 despite saying so), problems with getting GPS fix, problems with pairing with the phone after upgrade, these are just some of the issues I have experienced.

Garmin Edge Explore is great on the other hand at the hardware side, this is really well done piece of device in my opinion and it's a shame its potential is so ruthlessly wasted by the software. Well, smells like a cheap coding workforce and poor software development processes (cheap software development management too).

Garmin, you can do better.