Firmware 4.60 huge increase of battery consumption

Edge Explore firmware 4.60 increases battery consumption significantly

After several rides with the new firmware my suspicion of increased battery consumption with firmware 4.60 is confirmed.
The battery fell below 50% after a 3.5-hour ride, which never occurred with firmware 4.40 (no connection with smartphone, following a loaded course without turn-by-turn directions,
only storing the crumb trail, two linked sensors ( heart rate and speed / cadence), 70% screen backlight (permanently on)).

My suspicion that the increased consumption could be explained by the continuous search for all registered sensors, even if they are not close by, cannot be confirmed:

Apparantly searching continuously for sensors (two sensors in my case), the battery level is at 55% after 3 hours 'idle' on the table
With the sensors off via the 'Sensors' menu, the battery level is at 57% after 3 hours of 'idle'.

Because the increased consumption during the ride is still an 'impression', I did some measurements:

Firmware 4.60

- not paired with the smartphone

- screen lighting 70% (permanently on)

- 2 sensors, but not linked (apparently permanently searching given the rotating round arrow on the status screen (main screen / swipe down))

=> After 3 hours 'idle' with GPS OFF 55% battery residual charge

Firmware 4.40

- not paired with the smartphone

- screen lighting 70% (permanently on)

- 2 sensors, but not linked (the round arrow in the status screen stands still)

=> After 3 hours 'idle' with GPS OFF 72% battery residual charge

This is not just a minor difference, but a huge difference!

The conclusion is that firmware 4.60 causes a huge increase in battery consumption. I will report it to Garmin support. For the time being I will stay on firmware 4.40, the more so since it is not (yet?) clear which practical / noticeable improvements version 4.60 has and also introduces errors to the bargain.