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Edge explore 2 - Mostly not recording intensity minutes or active calories

My Edge Explore 2 is not recording intensity minutes or active calories for most activities.   It only recorded intensity minutes and active calories for 1 out of 3 rides this week. All activities have heart rate and power. Latest firmware 8.06

  • the Edge Explore 2 does not have the ability to record Intensity Minutes. Are you wearing a Garmin watch during your activity? If so, you might be receiving some credit due to the elevated heart rate being picked up by you watch. 
    How Are Intensity Minutes Earned?

    As for the active calories, confirm that your user profile information is correct (age, weight, height etc) and check your heart rate graph for accuracy Burned Calories Calculated on My Garmin Device Are Wrong

  • Mine seems to record intensity minutes on the unit every ride and while I also have a Fenix 6X the information is available on the Explore BEFORE any sync and true up activity occurs which will then display identical information across all of my GARMIN products 

    It generally takes connect a while after riding using the Explore to update my acute load were this would happen on the Fenix 6X when the activity was saved 

  • Yes it does have the ability to record intensity minutes and indeed does for some activities.   You can even see the intensity minutes on the glance on the gps Home Screen.  

    It is even mentioned in the Garmin user manual for the Edge Explore 2

    I have not ever owned or used a Garmin watch.

  • I think the answer is that my user profile on my Edge Explore 2 was missing my resting heart rate.  Because I don’t have a watch it can’t get a true resting heart rate without me adding it.   Thus it only has heart rate from cycling activities and vastly over estimates my resting heart rate.  I’ve also found out that the Edge Explore 2 needs a minimum of 10 continuous minutes of what it considers moderate intensity before it’ll start recording intensity minutes. With it estimating it at 94 bpm (wildly out) it’s not going to get much of that unless I’m doing a hard ride. Hence only one ride recording intensity minutes that week.

    I put my resting heart rate in today before a ride and the intensity minutes is where I’d expect it.

    Now I notice my fitness age still only uses an estimate of resting heart rate from activities. Which means it’s not calculating on good data. Shame it doesn’t use the resting figure I’ve added to my user profile.