battery goes to 0% after full shutdown

This is the 2nd time its happend to me after the new 5.0 update.

I go for a ride shut down the garmin completely (yes there is no more symbols on the screen) next day when i want to go for a ride the garmin wont start. 

if i plug it in it doesnt boot but shows battery recovery and after 20 sec it boots with 1% :/

this is realy annoying when you are ready to leave.

didn't have this problem on the previous s/w

  • I've had similar trouble it seems ... when I went to go for a ride yesterday it was dead and this is after having plugged it in to a power source (not a computer). Seems like it turns on when plugged in. Why does it do that? And if it has to do that why doesn't it turn it self off when power is disconnected but rather stay on and completely drain the battery?

  • This happened to after finishing my last ride.  Went to power up the 830 before my next ride and it was completely dead as described above.  I recharged the Garmin to 100% and it was at 97% two days later when I turned it on last.  Just now I looked at the device after I had "powered off" the Garmin and there was the universal power on/power off symbol showing on the screen and the device was warm to the touch.  Not sure but I suspect that is what caused my 830 to drain completely.

  • I've suffered with the battery being dead several (5-10 times) over the year or so I've had my 830. A couple of weeks ago I went into my darkish garage and noticed a faint "power off" symbol on the 530. It had crashed during power off and was burning through the battery. It was down to 30% (probably from around 80% at the end of the ride) and I'm sure would have been dead by morning. Holding the power button for 10 seconds finally got it to shut off. I believe it was running V5.10 at the time. Looking at the release notes, 3.50 "Fixed an issue with Bluetooth communication that was impacting phone connectivity and device power down stability". Apparently it did not solve this problem.