Incident Detection Overly Sensitive

Reports of over-sensitivity have percolated through these forums for a long time. I'm on the most current firmware and, unfortunately, any time it rains and I brake even reasonably hard with my front brake, the vibration sets off the incident detection alert. I have disc brakes on a Trek road bike -- and the rotor does not appear to be out of true. Dangerous situation because I end up relying solely on my back brake in the rain more than is ideal.

Anyone else experience this?

  • My 820 has inadvertently gone off a few times over the past few years (usually due to hard braking), but the past few weeks it's gone off at least five times each ride for no apparent reason. Sucks! Wonder if the sensor's getting wonky due to age or if there was a recent update that's conflicting with the sensor hardware. I'll probably just turn it off unless y'all have any suggestions.