Should I give up on my 830?

I got the 830 and have used it for a couple handfuls of rides. In that time, it has been unreliable. Various things it has done at one point or another (or multiple incidents per ride):

Unable to keep a connection to my sensors (Garmin speed, radar, plus Stages Power) and phone (iPhone XS Max)

'Constantly' losing GPS connection (I have it set to GPS + Galileo).

So, I upgraded the firmware to 3.50, then ...

Device locked up during a ride and I had to 'hard reboot' with the device's keys.

To remedy that I reset the device to factory, then upgraded the firmware to 3.50 and re-paired my devices and phone. That seemed OK for a while, but then during a ride yesterday it rebooted. 

I got the 830 because I wanted the maps that I do not have on my 520, plus the trail forks integration. If it weren't for the Varia integration I probably would have just gone with a Wahoo.

I'm 'torn' because I've been usually pleased with the Garmin devices and they are mostly reliable. Did I just get a 'crap' sample? I can probably exchange it for a replacement but thought I'd see how you guys were getting along with yours. Otherwise I'll return it for a refund and wait until Wahoo can integrate with the radar and move on.


Louis Marchesi

  • GPS+Galileo is a know issue.  Use the beta GPS firmware or don't use Galileo until the GPS firmware is updated.  The update to 3.50 should have helped fix the connection issues you were having.  It is due to having Bluetooth and ANT+ connections at the same time.  What happens if you don't pair your phone?

  • I am in the same position as you, this is not a sorted device, it has lots of glitches. 

    Forksight just does not work properly. 

    I really want to keep mine as it is a diamond in the rough, I think most of the problems are software issues, but why can't it just work as advertised on release?

  • Thanks for the ideas. I don't know what happens if I don't pair my phone. I'll find out next ride Slight smile

    I'll also change to GPS+GLONASS for the time being and see how it goes.

  • Yep, definitely not sorted. Makes me wonder if they rushed because of Wahoo. When it works, it's really good. I particularly like the climbing feature. Like I mentioned in my reply above, I'm going to try Wongataa's suggestions and see how that goes.

  • It's like all Garmin Edge devices I've had since 2009; tons of bugs, lots of firmware updates, updates fix some problems and add others, in the  end most are OK but problems persist, you get used the the bugs and the workarounds.  I would prefer more reliable core functionality and fewer half-baked features.

  • I am asking myself the same question right now. If it weren't for the nice display (compared to my Wahoo Bolt) I would have returned it already.

    What bugs me the most: I really expected Garmin to be solid when it comes to Navigation, Routing, Turn-by-Turn, GPS reliability et cetera. Hugely disappointed how they can release a product in this sorry state. I can accept some minor bugs, but this is embarrassing. Marketing should NEVER decide when a product is ready to be rolled out.

    And on top of that, there is no transparency on known issues or timeline to get it fixed. And the forum sucks balls compared to other "new" forums IMO.

  • Yes mine is definitely going back to the shop for a refund. It's probably the worst peice of kit I've bought. Mainly bought it for the mapping but it's absolutely garbage,. GPS position is awful and is unusable.  Have contacted Garmin support who are worse than the edge 830.

    It's back to the Edge 800 for me, which for mapping and gps is far superior and it's a 10year old device.

    Gutted as I had high hope for this device..

  • If you don't like the Garmin supplied maps on the 830 and like the maps on your 800 why didn't you copy the maps from the 800 to the 830?  What maps you use are personal preference and not down to the unit itself.  GPS issues are down to the unit itself.

  • I have openstreet maps and Garmin maps. The problem with the unit is the GPS is rubbish and constantly doesn't have me in  the correct position..I have posted screenshot on the thread   

    "Rubbish GPS Help"

  • I just updated my 830 to the Beta 2.42 firmware, and I've seen an improvement to the GPS accuracy.

    I rode 13 miles today, a mixed bag of wooded areas and open roads and had my old Edge 800 running along side. If anything the 830 was a little better than the 800, which is a first!

    I'm running the 830 with GPS and Gonlass