Garmin 820 not connecting via USB.

Found one broken pin on the connection point on my 820.  has been an issue recently.  I count 4 pins in the connector and 1 broken pin at the base level.

The USB cable seems to have 5 receptacles.

Laptop displays yellow ! text box - USB Accessories Disabled.  Unplug the accessory using too much power to re-enable USB devices.

So now, can't charge, can't connect and upload.


  • The USB connector in the 820 is broken?  Replacing it would require some very delicate surgery and soldering.  You can google "repair garmin usb connector" to get a general idea of what's involved.   Garmin won't repair your device but instead usually offers a refurbished unit for something like $115 or so if it's out of warranty.  Call Garmin support to find out what they can do.