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Sensor Dropout Feedback

We realize how important sensor data is to our customers and how frustrating it can be when there are issues with it. If you are experiencing these issues with sensor drop outs the engineering team would like to understand the following information to help understand the issue.

  1. What version of Edge 530/830 software are you using?
  2. How long into your ride did the issue occur?
  3. Did all of your sensors dropout at once or was it just one?
  4. Did the sensor connection(s) recover on their own?
  5. What sensors did you have connected with the issue occurred?
    1. What sensors were connected over BLE?
  1. Did you have your phone connected?
    1. Is it Android or iOS?
    2. What version of GCM do you have?
    3. Were you using LiveTrack?
  2. Please upload activity .FIT files from this occurred if possible.

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  • I reported this issue and was asked to send my device file and ride file back on May 13th and haven't heard anything back from Garmin. I'm still having issues where my Di2 - D-Fly / Ant + data field for Gear Combo drops out but recovers several times every ride. 

  • 1.  Edge 530 SW 3.20

    2.  30 minutes

    3.  The one that really caught my eye was power on ANT+

    4.  I think I was able to toggle enable sensor to get it working again, prior to the unexpected reboot of the unit

    5.  Garmin HR (ANT+), SRM (ANT+)  Varia RTL 510 (ANT+)  Varia Vision (ANT+)  Campagnolo eps V4 (ANT+)

    1a.  No sensors on BLE.  I believe the iPhone is the culprit.  

    6a.  iPhone X iOS 12.3.1


    6c.  No

  •  I think there may be two separate sensor drop outs issues. When I experienced sensor drops in older Edge bike computers, the device would not display any data for the affected sensors (if I remember correctly, the data fields show up as dashes). Sometimes, only one ANT+ sensor was affected (usually the power meter), and sometimes all the ANT+ sensors were affected. This kind of sensor drop outs were always temporarily. I didn't need to do anything to recover.

    In my Edge 530, when I experienced sensor "drop outs" in a mix of ANT+ and BLE sensors, it would affect all ANT+ and BLE sensors. On the device itself, the data fields show whatever data it had when it froze. When this happens, the only way for me to recover is by powering the device off. The first attempt to power it off would ALWAYS result in the device being stuck in the power off screen. I would then have to press and hold the power button for about 10 seconds to force it to reboot. The first time when I had to do this, the device recovered after the first reboot. The second when this happened, I needed to perform multiple cycles of power off and force reboot to get the device recognize all the sensors.

    1. 3.20
    2. First time was 30 minutes into a ride. Second time less than 2 minutes.
    3. It affected all sensors, ANT+ and BLE
    4. Needed to power off and then force reboot (press and hold power button for 10 seconds) to recover.
    5. Garmin speed sensor (ANT+), Garmin Varia RTL510 (ANT+), Shimano Di2 wireless transmitter EW-WU111 (ANT+), Wahoo TICKR X HRM (BLE), Quarq DFour91 power meter (BLE)
    6. My iPhone XS was on me when it happened. I do not know if it was connected to the device. A: iOS,  B: GCM 4.18.1 (first occurrence), GCM 4.19 (second occurrence),  C: I believe LiveTrack was enabled.
  • Hi, I'm having issues connecting to a smart trainer (Wahoo kickr snap) - fails to connect, and when it eventually does, once I disconnect phone and ANT version of trainer's power signal, the dropouts are constant and mean the session is not valuable. Was ok until I upgraded my software through Garmin Express 2 days ok (ie, seemed better out of the box). HR and speed/cadence sensor had no problems, just the smart trainer.

  • This was the third time this happened. I made a full reset between case 2 and 3. I also used Training Plan, Find a Course in at least 2 of the cases.

    1. 3.20

    2. 4:47 (mm:ss)

    3. Heart Rate & Power at the same time, didn't check the other

    4. No.

    5. Scosche HR, Power2Max NGEco Powermeter, Shimano Di2 (EW-WU-111), Bontrager Flare lights (2, both disabled at the time of drop-out). all through ANT+. Nothing connected via BLE

    6. Yes, IpHone 8 w. iOS 12.2 / CGN and LiveTrack activated (pls note that I am not sure whether LiveTrack was via my 530 or 520, which was also connected).my 

    PS. As a backup, this time I used by old Edge 520 in parallel. I enclose both .FIT files....

  • 1. Edge 530 (firmware 3.2)

    2. 21 minutes

    3.  Just power (Stages gen 2)

    4.  No. Attempted to: toggle on and off; reboot device; remove and replace battery on power meter.

    5.  Wahoo HR strap (ANT+), Stages Gen 2 (BLE), SRAM etap (ANT+)

    6a.  iphone 6s

    6b. No idea, it's updated since then. Most likely whatever version was current as of 5-22-19

    6c.  No

    Edit: the ride has data after the drop out because I re-paired the device with ANT+ 

  • Looking at the ride data on GC, experienced the first type of sensor drop outs I described in my comment above. Perhaps your feedback questionnaire should include a question to differentiate between the two?

  • I've updated my original post to describe how I regained data after the hard dropout. I've certainly experienced the temporary dropouts before (most likely bad signal strength), but this one appeared to be much more permanent. 

  • Does Garmin connect Version 4.19.1 on iOS, released today, address the issues reported here on the 530?

  • Hi 

    Had mega problems with my Vector 3's today. Never had an issue before. Batteries brand new. No problems with signal, works okay on the bolt. 

    1- 3.20

    2- From the Start

    3- Just one, although can't be sure since I was too preoccupied with the pedals. 

    4- I think  around the 2 hour, maybe 3rd the power readings appeared to remain on the screen. I presume that constitutes a recovery?? 

    5- Garmin Speed Sensor ant, scosche rhythm24 ant, Garmin Varia Radar 510 ant and Vector 3's ant

    A- none, apart from at the begining, frantically trying to get a patent lock, so tried BT. Didn't work and just disconnected again, so unpaired that and back to Ant. 

    6- yes 

    A- Android

    B- 4.19.1

    C- No