My edge 1000 stuck in the diagonosis mode(the start/stop button no matters)

few weeks ago, I ride a bike with My edge 1000.

during the ride, We suffered short but strong rain and snow on that day.

Rain and snow stops soon, I've got to go home more than 20 miles.

And that time, my edge starts to stopping log, So I manually press start/stop button to resume the log. it seems having problem with the start/stop bottom.

After ride, I tried to dry my edge 5 days, dissembled, figured out whats going on my edge(but I couldn't cause I'm not good with it.)

MY edge seems fine at the first. and it works fine except start/stop button, but now, finally, STUCK IN THE DIAGONOSTIC MODE...

So far, every physical button works fine, not stucked.

but when my edge starts only and stuck in the diagonostic mode.

here's I tied below


1. dissemble, dry, wipe out with clean fabrics

2. connecting Macbook, format with FAT and MRB? MBR? so on.

3. re-starts manually, (press start/stop button, laps button with power button same time, and hold more than 10 seconds)

how can I get back my edge?

please help me Disappointed