How to edit total distance - using totals.FIT-file of Edge 25


After the update to 2.7 I lost the total distance on my Edge 25. So I edited the TOTALS.FIT file, using 2 ways:

1. downloading the tool from Actually it works but to save my changes I would need to buy a license. That´s why I tried no. 2...

2. using Uploading and converting my FIT-file, changing total distance and time, upoading again and getting a new FIT-file. So fare everything fine. But now I got the proble.

How can I transfer the new file to my Edge 25? I know from a couple of other threads for Edge 800 oder 500 or 1000 it works just by placing the file in the "new files" directory. But with the Edge 25 it doesn´t work.

Does anyone have experience with that?

Thanks and best regards!